Readiness Assessment for Implementation of Electronic Patient Record in Ghana: A Case of University of Ghana Hospital



Numerous challenges confronting the health system of developing countries makes implementation and the long term survival of ICT projects non-feasible in so far as there is no pre-determination of institutional readiness for such projects. The current study examined the readiness of University of Ghana hospital towards the implementation of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) using interpretive case study research method. The results of our study indicates some eagerness of the hospital administrators towards ensuring organizational readiness for EPR in the following areas; training of staff in computing, provision of alternate source of electricity, provision of internet and internet infrastructures, provision of EPR. The health workers indicated their readiness for EPR in the following areas; knowledge in and access to computers, motivation for EPR and anticipated changes in work schedules. Despite these somewhat promising readiness indicators from the hospital, there were, however, some conspicuous constraints relating to finance, a functioning ICT Department, ICT logistics and procurement of EPR that must be well addressed for a successful and sustainable EPR implementation


Developing countries; electronic patient record; Ghana; information infrastructure; readiness assessment.

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