Adoption of Free Open Source Geographic Information System Solution for Health Sector in Zanzibar Tanzania

BAKAR Abubakar, KIMARO Honest, SULTAN Abu Bakar, HAMIAR Sleiman


The study aims at developing in-depth understanding on how Open Source Geographic Information System technology is used to provide solutions for data visualization in the health sector of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The study focuses on implementing the health visualization solutions for the purpose of bridging the gap during the transition period from proprietary software to the Free Open-Source Software using Key Indicator Data System. The developed tool facilitates data integration between the two District Health Information Software versions and hence served as a gateway solution during the transition process. Implementation challenges that include outdated spatial data and the reluctance of the key users in coping with the new Geographical Information System technologies were also identified. Participatory action research and interviews were used in understanding the requirements for the new tool to facilitate the smooth system development for better health service delivery.


Free Open source software; geographical information system; health information system; district health information software; participatory research.

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