Khadija Mzava, Ellen A. Kalinga


Tanzania is among the countries striving to attain knowledgeable and skilled health workers who are capable of addressing health challenges facing its population. However, in regard of nurse’s shortage in number, tight schedules sending them away from work place for further lessons is a challenge as will result into a more insufficient health services due to their absence. eLearning for nurses to upgrade their professional skills while they are still at their working place has been introduced in Tanzania, however, use of eLearning is only 4.9%. This paper examine determinants of nurses’ intention to use eLearning in Tanzania. It is using mixed sequential explanatory design to explore several technology acceptance models, identify the appropriate ones and latter suggest strategies that will improve nurses’ intention to use eLearning. Extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT2) research model was adopted with some modification. Nine determinant factors were identified to be used: six adopted directly from UTAUT2 and three customized factors. The study collected data from 140 nurses and their inputs were tested against all nine determinant factors using Linear Regression Analysis. Out of nine factors, five were significant: Performance Expectancy (β=-0.214, ρ=0.005), Effort Expectancy (β=0.163, ρ=0.030), Social Influence (β=0.170, ρ=0.032), Hedonic Motivation (β=0.174, ρ=0.023) and Self-Management (β=0.242, ρ=0.002) while four were not significant: Habit (β=0.103,ρ=0.164), Price Value (β=-0.025, ρ=0.736), Resource Facilitating Conditions (β=-0.041,ρ=0.588) and Technology Facilitating Conditions (β=0.058, ρ=0.436). Inadequacy of: awareness with eLearning, knowledge to use eLearning, computers and lack of Internet are some of the problems facing nurses. This study used mixed research design with UTAUT2 model with the exception of mediating variables: age, gender and experience, therefore further research can be conducted by including the mediating variable.


eLearning for Nurses; Technology Acceptance Models; Determinants to Use; Intention to Use; health; Tanzania.

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