Evaluation of a new method for in-patient co-morbidity analysis based on KHIRI Pathology Group Set codes at the Kigali University Teaching Hospital

F Verbeke, C Murekatete, C Tran Ngoc, G Karara, E Gasakure, M Nyssen


The Kigali Health Informatics Research Institute (KHIRI), a department of the Kigali University Teaching Hospital, one of the national referral hospitals in Rwanda, has developed a set of pathology grouping codes in an attempt to enable efficient evaluation of clinical activity in a typical sub-Saharan hospital. This KHIRI Pathology Grouping Set (KPGS) is a bi-classified grouping system, based on ICD-10 and ICPC-2 classification standards and constructed on ICD-10 chapters. KPGS provides a means for providing an analysis of hospital co-morbidity for hospital management purposes. This study evaluates both the consistency of ICD-10 and ICPC-2 mappings on KPGS as well as the clinical value of the defined groupings of clinical conditions.


ICD-10; ICPC-2; 3BT; KPGS, clinical activities; monitoring; quality improvement; co-morbidity