Correlation Analysis of Attitudes towards SMS Technology and Blood Donation Behaviour in Malawi



In this paper we use SMS technology acceptance models to assess the relationship between attitude towards SMS technology and blood donation behaviour in a predominantly associative culture. Firstly, we show that blood donors at the Malawi Blood Transfusion Services in Malawi have a positive attitude towards both the SMS technology and the content of the SMS message. However, the attitude towards the content of SMS message is moderated by level of education. Furthermore, we show that the level of education affected the perceived ease of use of SMS technology, informativeness and irritation of the SMS message. Secondly, we establish that there is a positive and statistically significant relationship between blood donation behaviour and attitude towards SMS technology and attitude towards the SMS message content. However, these relationships are moderated by gender, age and level of education. Specifically, subjective norms which depict social forces are related to socially accepted behaviour such as blood donation among the old or less educated donors in a predominantly associative culture like Malawi. However, this research was limited to blood donation behaviour which is a socially accepted behaviour. It will be interesting to relate attitude towards SMS technology and other behaviours which may not necessarily be socially accepted. Furthermore, the study was limited to blood donors who had received SMS reminders.


SMS Application; Blood donation; Technology Acceptance

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