Understanding Level of Maternal and Child Health Indicators used in Health Management Information System among Peripheral Level Health Functionaries in Two Districts of India



Millennium Development Goal indicators in context of maternal and child health can be met with a robust Health Management Information System (HMIS )in India .To achieve this the web based HMIS was started in 2008 to capture public health data from health institutions across the country. Standard formats were prepared, rationalized and e‐enabled in HMIS web portal, a change from the manual reporting. Further, it is necessary that staff involved in data collection and management be aware of the interpretations of different indicators used in HMIS format for its effective use. The current study was conducted in one district each of two states, to assess understanding of the health functionaries in the field regarding data collection and use of health indicators. The observations indicate that some indicators for maternal and child health in format of monthly reports, are difficult to comprehend by system, no norms for analysis and use of data, and incomplete switchover from use of old to new formats leading to duplication. Efforts needed to address these for optimum functioning


Health Management Information System; health indicators; data management.

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