Contradictions in Collecting and Recording Maternal Health Data at the Community Level: A Case study from two Districts in Tanzania

Caroline NGOMA, Faraja IGIRA


The objective of this study is to improve completeness, accuracy and timely reporting of maternal health data in the health information system. This will improve the availability of reliable data for making appropriate decisions, planning and interventions. We aim at recording new knowledge on how to improve the collection and recording of maternal health data at the community level. To do so we underscore what hinders community health workers from collecting, recording and reporting of maternal health information by drawing on the concept of contradictions from Activity Theory. The results indicate manifestations of contradictions through double binds, dilemmas, critical conflicts and conflicts hindered the activity of data collection and recording. The resolution of these contradictions is perceived to be a springboard for improving reporting of the data.


Work practices; activity theory; community health workers; contradictions; maternal health data.

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