The impact of COVID-19 on services and procedures in the field of Orthopaedics: a review article.


  • Abdulaziz AlKheraiji Almajmaah University


Orthopedics, COVID-19, Challenges, Future directions



COVID-19 has affected not only the timely and effective care for orthopedic patients but also new directions and plans in the field of orthopedics. However, there is no evidence about how this pandemic or COVID-19 era will shift the care or will bring transition in the field of orthopedics medicine or surgery. Hence,  the purpose of this review is to evaluate the effects COVID-19 on orthopedics surgery, the challenges facing experts in the field, and the new opportunities driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Material and Methods

Different articles gathered from databases such as Google Scholar and PubMed.  This is a narrative review of full-text research articles published in the English language both in developed and developing countries with a specific focus on Orthopedics and COVID-19.  The paper examined original research articles for information pertinent to the objective. It also reviewed all references of the eligible article to avoid missing any article relevant to the topic of interest.  


The findings demonstrate that overall orthopedic surgeries and other services have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The frequency of different procedures has significantly declined across different countries and regions. Older adults are affected more than younger. However, the decline in the number of procedures for younger patients are affected. An integrative and collaborative team approach must be adopted by the orthopedic surgeons to address the anticipated increased patients'flow in the near future. In addition, telemedicine can be integrated into the field of orthopedics to provide remote care to the patients whenever required. 


Since COVID-19 has suddenly disturbed most of the orthopedic procedures and activities in both the outpatient and the operating room, surgeons need to devise new strategies to overcome these challenges without compromising the patient's care.




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