Perceptions of Governance of Hospital Quality of Care and Accreditation in the United Arab Emirates: A Qualitative Study


  • Ghada Ali Al Mohammed Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Accreditation, healthcare quality, hospital management, governance, UAE.


Background: Hospital accreditation is frequently used as a tool for government directives to guarantee patient safety or quality of care. The study includes interviews with healthcare workers with different views and perceptions on accreditation experiences, performance, and governance of quality of care. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were undertaken between June 2017 and December 2017 with 15 employees from four public acute care accredited Ministry of Health and Prevention hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. The interviews mainly highlighted the role played by the management in overseeing the quality of care in their respective hospitals. Perceptions of interviewees regarding factors that have influenced their present approach to governance in this area were also elicited. Thematic analysis was used to identify the major themes extracted from the interview transcripts. Results: A total of four themes emerged from the analysis, namely (1) corporate (hospital) governance, (2) accreditation, (3) employees’ satisfaction, and (4) quality management and performance. Interviews with health care employees emphasized the governance role, and employees affirmed that they had a well-structured governing body. Furthermore, the role of the hospital leadership was important in making the accreditation happen and in improving the quality of care of patients. Staff expressed strong support for implementation and development of hospital standards, along with requesting ongoing motivation and recognition. Conclusion: The study demonstrated strong support for the development of local hospital’s quality standards. Implementing quality improvement programs such as accreditation leads to enhanced quality of care in hospitals and better health outcomes. This study emphasizes the importance of having effective governance, top management commitment, and leadership side by side for effective implementation of accreditation.



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